Formitize Time Tracker Lets You Keep Tabs on Your Mobile Workforce

In this day and age of mobile revolution, most businesses have come to rely on their mobile workforce using smartphones and tablets to perform their daily duties. Every day, they dispatch workers in the field to attend to their customers’ needs. So how do they monitor their teams’ progress while they are outside the office? Simple. Using time sheets, of course!



What Is a Time Sheet?

A time sheet records the number of hours an employee spends on each job. Back then, business owners relied on time cards stamped by time clocks or even manually jotting down work hours in a log book. Today, almost everything and everyone has gone digital. Some use spreadsheets while others use time tracking software.

Time sheets are a challenge for so many businesses. Formitize eliminates all the problems that old time sheets used to bring, thanks to its Time Tracker feature – fully integrated in the mobile forms you use in our paperless app.


Formitize Time Tracker

Picture this. You use Formitize to send a new paperless job to your mobile workforcein the field. The new job has all the details required for the responsible person to perform the task at hand. From the moment your staff opens the job, time tracking is activated and you can actually monitor the progress in real time using the Formitize Management Portal.

Using the Time Tracker, you can see the paperless form being completed from start to finish, giving you a clear view of what your employee has accomplished and at what time. Imagine all that transparency without even leaving the comforts of your home or office. Isn’t that great?


Formitize provides an easy-to-use, real-time-reporting-based Time sheet solution that lets you:
* Record hours in real-time for one or more people;
* Link your cost and charge rates to a Job or Invoice;
* Instant reports for Payroll; and
* Integrate with accounting solutions such as Xero.


Formitize offers more choices for you and your mobile workforce. You can add time sheets either as a separate form or linked to Job Forms. You can record hours for one or more people using the time sheets. You can link cost and charge rates to be applied to invoices or use the solution to generate timesheets for the individual or teams – all fully integrated. Full flexibility on charge types and rates is available. Plus, Formitize offers a beautiful integration with accounting systems, such as Xero.

Formitize Time Tracker is built into your mobile forms so you never have to worry about keeping tabs on your mobile workforce. What’s more, Formitize Time Tracker reduces all the delays and errors of paper time sheets. It will transform your business and provide visibility that just hasn’t been possible before.

Formitize has simplified time sheets – all you have to do is assign the jobs to your workers in the field and watch their progress, wherever you are, using the mobile forms, all in real time!

Now that you know about the features of the Formitize Time Tracker and the benefits it provides, why don’t you see it in action? Start your Free 30 Day Trial Today!


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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