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If paperwork and old processes are holding your business back, relax …… you’ve found us.

Transform your business and say goodbye to painful paperwork forever. 

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Housesafe & Formitize, the perfect partnership for you.

Housesafe: Leaders in Inspection Reports & Training and Formitize: Leaders in Mobile Business Solutions

Super Smart but so Easy to Use!

More than twenty smart tools to make your reports smart and so easy to use.

Signatures & GPS recording

Capture onscreen signatures, automated time and date stamp and GPS location to provide incredible compliance, visibility and accuracy (and save a whole lot of time too)

Voice to Text & Recording

Integrated Voice to Text will change your life. Simply click and speak and watch your longer sentences and descriptions convert to text, so fast and so easy to use .

QR Barcode Scan with Lookup

Scan QR and Barcodes using the integrated scanner and auto-populate form fields instantly using Database Lookups. Almost endless possibilities linking your forms to database records

Photo Capture & Drawing

A picture tells a thousands words. Embed photos into your forms from the device camera or library. Integrated drawing tool enables draw on photos, plans, mudmaps and more.

Calculations & Required Fields

Avoid calculation errors forever with automated calculations and Required Fields prevent the form being submitted until all mandatory fields have been answered.

Automated Workflows

Trigger automated actions and workflows based on form submission or answers given to specific questions. Powerful, business transforming automation that is so easy to use.

All of your Housesafe Reports ready to go!

Instant access to all authorised Housesafe Inspection Reports included in 14 Day Free Trial

New Construction Inspection Booking & Authority

New Construction Defect Inspection

New Construction Frame Inspection

New Construction Warranty Inspection

New Construction Final (PCI) Inspection

Pre Purchase Building Inspection Agreement

Pre-Purchase Property Inspection

Visual Asbestos ID Inspection Report

Visual Mould ID Inspection Report

But Smart Reports are Just the Beginning!

Manage all of your customer and supplier contacts, jobs, communications, tasks, documents and accounts all in one simple to use solution

Safety First

Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your team. We all know how difficult it is to stay on top of safety paperwork and processes. The fully integrated Safety First solution will change your world.

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Safety First Job Forms

Create customised Safety First forms for each different type of job or service you do. You have the option of forcing the user to complete the Safety First forms before they can access the Job Forms so the office can view before job commences.

Safety Documents with Expiry Notifications

Many safety documents such as Material Safety Data Sheets and Licences have an expiry date and it’s important to use current valid documents. Formitize Safety first manages the expiry for you and sends reminders as expiry dates approach.

Simple Checklists to Risk Assessments

Safety First forms are completely customisable so they can range from quick, simple safety equipment checklists right through to comprehensive Safe Work Method Statements, Risk Assessments, Site Audit Inspections and so much more.

Compliance Registers & Workflows

Full Compliance Registers are available to track processes such as Incident Reporting, Near-Miss Management, Non-Conformance and any process that has multiple steps and workflows. Full audit trail, and logs maintained automatically

Cloud Scheduler & Job Management

Creating, Scheduling and Managing Jobs has never been easier and all fully integrated with your Forms, Safety and CRM

Drag and Drop Job Scheduler

It's never been easier to create and assign jobs using the powerful Cloud Scheduler. Simply drag and drop to assign or move a Job either from the Desktop Management Portal or in the App and instant notifications will be triggered.

Instant Job Status Updates

Automated Job Updates can be sent to your team or to your customers as the Job moves through it's different stages. Updates can be sent by SMS, Email, Letter or Notification keeping everybody up to date, all the time.

One off and Recurring Jobs

Set up single one-off jobs or create recurring profiles for repeating jobs and let the smart scheduler do the rest. Create Job Type templates to save even more time and improve the efficiency of your job management.

Automated Future Reminders

Maximise your future business using powerful Automated Reminders. Different reminders can be sent at different times by SMS, Email or Letter and can be triggered before or after each job has been completed.

Everyone up to date, all the time

So many smart features to save time, improve visibility and maximise efficiency.

Automated Assistants will transform your Business

It’s like having a whole new team working for you. Professionally and automatically advising your customers on the status of jobs, 

sending reminders for future appointments, following up on quotes & estimates, chasing outstanding invoices and more.

Scheduling Assistant

Scheduling Assistant will send Automated Reminders to your clients by letter, email and SMS to ensure future appointments are never missed and then follow up on completed jobs with automated communications such as Confirmations, Surveys and Referrals.

Accounts Assistant

Accounts Assistant will follow up on your Quotes and Estimates for you at exactly the right time with the right message by email and SMS to ensure nothing is missed and will then chase Outstanding Invoices for you at designated times and with customised wording to suit you.

Sales Assistant

The Sales Assistant will help you engage with every new lead or enquiry. Customise your Sales Pipeline and trigger automated follow up messages by Email, SMS and letter to help you convert more business automatically!

Customer Service Assistant

The Customer Service Assistant will keep both you and your customers up to date with Automated Job Status Updates. Notifications, SMS, Emails and Reminders can be triggered as each job reached different stages and all beautifully automated.

Beautifully Integrated Accounting

Create Quotes, Convert to Invoice, Take Instant Card Payment and integrate with your Accounting Software

Two Way Integration

By automatically syncing between Formitize Accounts and your accounting software, everything is kept up to date all the time - Clients, Invoices, Line Items , Tax Rates and more.

Quotes, Invoices, Expenses and more

Convert Lead to Quote, Quote to Invoice and Take Payment with just a few clicks. Record expenses and keep everything updated instantly.

Mobile Card Payments

Take instant card payments on your invoices and automatically send a Paid Invoice receipt. It has never been easier or faster to get paid.

Online Webform Inspection Agreements

Online Agreements that your customers can sign on screen instantly on their mobile, tablet or desktop saving so much time!

Open and pre-populate your Agreement

Pre-populate your Agreements with known details such as Client Name, Property Address, Inspection Details and Pricing before sending weblink.

Email Templates with embedded weblink

Email the Agreement weblink using template to pre-populate information automatically to save time. The email contains a weblink for the client to simply click to open.

Customer signs on screen and gets instant copy.

The customer views the agreement on phone, tablet or desktop - signs the agreement on screen and submits. You and the client will automatically receive a copy of the Agreement PDF with signatures and all information embedded. The Agreement auto-stores in the CRM client file. Simple!

Manage all of your Documents too!​

No more bulky folders, no more outdated documents and instant access to all of your documents all of the time. Create your own folders and upload documents for instant reference. The perfect tool for Operating Manuals, Safety Material, Brochures and Marketing Collateral, Licences, Registrations and so much more. Full access control, document management and automated expiry notifications.

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Every Document in your Pocket

Now you have access to all of your documentation wherever you are. Create your own folders and instantly access, email or print right from your mobile device.

Automated Expiry Notifications

Many documents have an expiry date and it is important that only valid versions are used. You will receive automated notifications to advise you when expiry dates are approaching.

Famous for Incredible Support

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